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Isabella Brown | Cognitive Hypnotherapist

I suppose it is hardly surprising a global pandemic brings out extremes and contradictions. 

People have been forced into isolation, separated, alone while at the same time neighbours are suddenly talking, getting to know each other. Domestic violence reports have tragically and unsurprisingly increased whilst other reports show families are feeling closer and more unified. Data shows increased anxiety and at the same time people report feeling less pressure to keep up, finding more time to enjoy simple pleasures. Cabin fever may proliferate but simultaneously, gardening, baking and DIY rates have shot up as people are motivated to be creative, develop and nurture their surroundings.

One thing that is undeniable is that we have been collectively forced to slow down. Stop even. This may give some the time and space to think and be confronted with what they had buried deep and kept busy in order to forget. For others it's a welcome opportunity to take stock, appreciate the birdsong, reconnect with those at home with us. 

We have an invisible enemy and we are united in the fight against it. It unifies us all, not just in our homes, our street, town or country but globally, across our entire world. This shared enemy increases our collective cohesiveness and perhaps makes us appreciate each other that little bit more. 

It's not unique that confronted with death we seek to make the most out of life and relationships, a reminder of our immortality can be a healthy motivator and here, despite the heartache and disruption currently occurring this is a glimmer of positivity that we can hold on to. 

Whether it be Captain Tom, our support for the NHS, people reaching out to relatives they haven't spoken to in too long, community projects popping up everywhere helping the vulnerable and elderly or just the singing from the balconies, we see what a adept teacher and unifier adversity is, pushing us to be resourceful and seek connection wherever we can.

Ultimately no matter where we live, who we are, how much money we have, getting sick reminds us at our core that we are all human. The devastation and disruption of Covid-19 has if nothing, highlighted our shared humanity.