Helping you with long term change and resolving issues such as anxiety, addictions, habits, phobias and limiting beliefs.

“Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps to change your unconscious thought patterns, giving you the knowledge and skills you need  to take back control of your feelings, behaviours and thoughts.”

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a highly flexible approach supporting lasting change and help with a wide variety of issues - anxiety, addictions, habits, phobias, PTSD, low confidence, headaches, public speaking, sleep problems, stress and limiting beliefs, to name a few.

QCH therapy is a modern approach based on recent discoveries in neuroscience. It is a creative model of therapy, integrating the most effective aspects of different models such as Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), NLP and modern ideas around hypnosis, creating a unique approach tailored to each and every client, using skilled techniques to assist the client in finding their own solution.

Every second our unconscious is taking in millions of pieces of information of which our conscious is processing just a fraction. The unconscious processes and uses the information in order to protect you and ascertain what around you is going to harm or help you, unconsciously driving us towards people or behaviours that our subconscious determines are good for us and keeping us away from those which, on the basis of past experiences, it has determined as harmful to us.

A lot of the basis of our subconscious’ decisions are based on past experiences often grounded in childhood where our ability to process information is limited to a more literal understanding, where often the meaning for, and around things, is misunderstood. 

These 'misinterpretations' can be reinforced over the years becoming behaviours and beliefs that limit us and affect the way we feel about ourselves and others, becoming strong drivers by the time we are adults.

Research suggests that 90% of our behaviour is unconsciously driven. The subconscious is like our brain’s auto-pilot that accounts for so much of our day to day actions and reactions, down to tieing our shoe laces and driving the car, just as a reaction to seeing a spider or picking up a cigarette to smoke, that is all happening in what we call “a trance”.

Isabella Brown | Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Isabella Brown - DipCHyp HPD NLPprac

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  About me

An interest in people and the common struggle of humanity is what ultimately brought me here. 

With research and investigation into different therapeutic approaches over time I came across the evidence based model of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and was fortunate enough to be trained at Quest Institute by the model’s pioneer itself, Trevor Silvester. 

The model is client based and solution focused. It is a research driven with proven efficacy and the Institute’s genuine and empathetic desire to enact change and help others was what drew me to it. 

I am so grateful for their training and honoured to be able to help you discover the ways it could change your life, overcoming  your fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs.

I am fully qualified, insured and a member of the regulatory bodies of CNHC and QCHPA and abide by their codes of ethics and conduct.

Isabella Brown | Cognitive Hypnotherapist
Isabella Brown | Cognitive Hypnotherapist
Isabella Brown | Cognitive Hypnotherapist


Of behaviour is said to be unconsciously driven.

1 in 6

Report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week the UK.

1 in 4

Will experience a Mental Health issue in the UK.


Success rate of Cognitive Hypnotherapy over other methods available.

“Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses tools to re-programme the unconscious, tapping into, reframing and altering your behaviours at a subconscious level, de-hypnotising us from this trance.”

Isabella Brown | Cognitive Hypnotherapist

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What can I expect?

No stop watches or clucking chickens....just a flexible, tailored approach working together to achieve a particular goal.

I always begin with a phone call to allow us to get a feel for if we will work well together and to get an understanding of what you would like to work on to ensure that you get the most from your first session. 

In our first session, I will allow you the time and space to fully detail what you would like to work on and allow me to understand the issue through questions about the way you experience your problem and importantly what you would like to achieve by the end of therapy, that is your solution state.

After this first session I will gather the information and create a personalized and tailored treatment plan in order to ensure we achieve your desired result in the most effective and efficient way possible.

There is no set amount of sessions, effective and long lasting change is often seen in just 3-6 sessions but everyone is different and the most important thing is to ensure long term rather than fast change. For some, a couple of sessions may be sufficient, for others a longer term therapeutic relationship may be more beneficial.

As part of the treatment you will receive personalized recordings to listen to between sessions to ensure the work done in sessions is consolidated, long term and effective. I am also available on email between sessions for any questions or concerns.

Isabella Brown | Cognitive Hypnotherapist

“My aim is always to make myself redundant, to empower you and get you to where you would like to be in your life, the best version of yourself, rather than keeping you in therapy long term.”

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