"Thank you so much for your help with [my son]. It has made such a huge difference to our family life and he seems so much happier. "

[ A mum ]

"Thank you for helping me with my problem. You have helped me with my sleeping and eating problem as a bonus. Again thank you so much."

[ Young client, Misophonia]

"I asked Isabella for help with my 9 year old son's anxiety over going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled out. He attends a special care dentist due to his severe anxiety over visiting the dentist and having unknown things done to his teeth. He has sensitivities over taste and anxiety related to the unknown, which compound the issue. Despite trying over several visits, we were getting nowhere and his pain was getting worse, with a hospital visit on the cards. He saw Isabella on a few occasions during which she was able to help him verbalise the anxiety he was feeling, and work through what was going to happen during the appointment. When we next visited the dentist, my son was able to find the strength to go through with his tooth extraction. I was surprised and delighted, and attribute this to Isabella's skill in being able to help him work through his anxiety and prepare him for what was going to happen. "

[ A mum ]

"Wow. You've worked magic. I'm so grateful and keep telling my friends about you!"

[Male, Smoker of 26 years]